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Urban Kizomba for Addicts Festival & Congress Channel (Zomba Music Social Network). #kizztouch #kizparty #livetodance #lovetodance

Kizomba is the Cure

Tarraxinha & Kizomba Moda can heal U !

Tarraxinha & Kizomba Moda can heal U !

Try Aislin's Physical Therapy ...Yes, cure your craze with some Tarraxo, Semba, Zouk, Bachata and, why not, even Salsa Rendez Vous Summer Party. Its high time for a therapie Kiz ! On the Beach, in the Woods, on Water: don't be coy, reserved or Shy: Muve it Baby !

#ZumbaErotic #Sexydancer #plaisironaniste

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